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NeuroDives: Diving into Neurodiversity

Georgina Dayanc

WELCOME to NeuroDives: Diving into neurodiversity, a podcast that brings you discussions about current neurodiversity research, with a focus on how this research relates to the research priorities of neurodiverse communities and their allies, and bringing new insights and interest to listeners! This podcast is for anyone interested! Whether you are an undergrad or a postgrad, studying neurodiversity specifically, taking a module that covers the topics, are a neurodiverse individual or an ally to the community, you can join our host, Georgina Dayanc, as they discuss with guest researchers and professionals from across the field about current research - Where is it at? Where is it heading? What might it mean for neurodiverse communities? ----------SEASON 1: About autism. EPISODE 1: Sensory processing: Public spaces and autism. LAUNCHES: 08/07/22